Latest Articles

  • Dear All, Greetings from New York City, Moscow, Manila, Honolulu and Los Angeles! Highlights of my month-long Missionary Journey included witnessing the moving "good confession" of Ali – our sixth disciple at Columbia University, an Ivy League College in New York City! In Moscow, almost 250 discipl... [read more]
  • Greetings from Orlando, Lagos and Los Angeles! It has been a very exciting and historic month since our last Good News Email on March 26th! Not only have Elena & I been encouraged by visiting the incredible Orlando and Lagos Churches, but history was made as John Causey – arguably the most influ... [read more]

Our Church, Our Focus

  • Bible Talks

  • The Denver International Christian Church hosts dynamic Bible study groups that we like to call "Bible Talks."  These are small, intimate, casual groups that allow for more interaction, questions, fun and fellowship!  Amazing meals are also provided!

  • MERCY Worldwide

  • MERCY Worldwide is the benevolent arm of the International Christian Churches!  Our focus is to help the needy in our community as well as supporting other MERCY groups around the world.  Everything from helping flood victims to feeding the homeless, MERCY will be there!

  • World Evangelism

  • The International Christian Churches believe in Jesus' vision to evangelize the world in our generation.  We have sister churches around the world on every inhabited continent in the world. Help support our efforts to evangelize the world by making a donation!

  • Our Leadership

  • Dustin and Amanda Miller have served in the ministry for almost 6 years in multiple churches around the country. They are honored to be called by God to serve the Denver, Colorado metro area. They have three children: Kaiyah, Brielle, and Walker.